Minnesota Directional Boring

Directional boring is also referred to as “Horizontal Directional Drilling,” which is our specialty. When you are in need of Horizontal Directional Drilling in Minnesota, Subsurface Construction has the equipment and the expertise to ensure that the job is done accurately and quickly.

In the oil and gas industry, directional boring involves the lateral drilling of wells through a specific zone where oil or gas bearing rock is present. These holes must be drilled from a vertical well-hole at different angles. Boring is also used when installing conduits and utility pipelines. A path is located and then a pilot borehole is drilled along that path from the surface with very little disturbance. Boring can be used to make underwater crossings, under road crossings, and even create pathways under structures. The purpose is usually to install conduits and pipes so that fluids and materials can be transported.

The work requires a great deal of care, which is why a Minnesota directional drilling company is the best choice for ensuring the job is done right with the proper equipment and expertise.

We Ensure The Ground Stays Intact

Boring is a way to get from point A to point B without destroying the existing ground or any obstacles that may be in the way. This method goes well beyond the traditional trenching. In fact, services and utilities can be connected in areas where traditional trenching is not possible. Trenching is the most common method of connecting two points, but it does have its limitations. The method can only be used when disturbing the ground is not an issue and there are no obstacles, such as roadways or buildings, in the way.

Benefits Of Directional Boring

There are a number of benefits to directional boring versus the more traditional methods. They include:

  • Reduction in soil disturbance
  • Reduces fractures in the nearby rock formations
  • Reduces groundwater pollution
  • A single location can be used to install multiple pipes
  • Directional drills result in the extraction of twice as much gas or oil
  • The ecosystem is protected
  • Shoring and excavation costs are reduced
  • Weather has no impact on the process, keeping projects on schedule
  • Can drill beneath surface obstructions or other ongoing construction operations

With the help of a Minnesota directional drilling contractor with decades of experience, you have the peace of mind that the surface and everything on it will be in good hands.

Contact A Minnesota Directional Drilling Company

At Subsurface Construction, Horizontal Directional Drilling is what we do and we ensure that it is done right. We can drill through a variety of substrates and ground conditions so that your project can be completed as quickly and accurately as possible. To learn more about our drilling services, call us for a free case evaluation at 763-213-1450 today.