Cable Pulling Jetting

When cable needs to be installed, there are two methods in which it is done and those methods are cable pulling and jetting. Both methods require a great deal of care so that the cables are not improperly bent or broken during the process. This allows for fast and reliable installation.

At Subsurface Construction, we take a great deal of care in all of the jobs that we do. We ensure accuracy, safety, and do the job right the first time so that you don’t have to worry about something going wrong with the final result. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul underground drilling contractors are highly experienced in cable pulling and jetting and use that experience to do a quality job.

Cable Pulling Experts

Cable pulling is a method of pulling cables through cable ducts or conduit that has been previously installed. In order for this to be successful, the cables have to be pulled at straight angles. The fewer bends that a cable needs to go through, the better. In order to ensure the cable moves through the conduit or duct smoothly, Cable Pulling Lubricant can be used during the process in order to minimize the amount of friction that occurs. Friction can damage cables. When friction is decreased, damage to the cables can be avoided. Team members also have to communicate well with one another in order for cable pulling to be successful.

Cable Jetting Done Right

Cable jetting is an alternative to cable pulling and is used when cables need to be installed in ducts. It involves blowing the cable through the duct at the same time the cable is pushed mechanically into the duct. This method is commonly used for the installation of fiber optic cable.

During this process, compressed air is injected into the duct, allowing the cable to float inside. This reduces the amount of friction that the cable may experience. When necessary, special lubricants may be used to reduce friction even more. A birdie is attached to the front of the cable to lead it through the duct.

There are reasons why our Minneapolis & St. Paul horizontal drilling company may use jetting over cable pulling and that is when the installation distance is longer, the duct bends don’t hinder jetting, less force needs to be exerted on the cable, a winch rope is not required, and equipment is only needed at the end of the duct route. We evaluate the duct to see which method it is more suited for so that the correct installation method is used.

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Cable pulling and jetting are special techniques that are used to pull cable lines through cable ducts that were previously installed. The techniques are very precise ones, requiring professionals with a great deal of experience to complete the task. If you have a previously installed conduit or duct and need cable pulled through the area, Subsurface Construction can get the job done for you. Call us at 763-213-1450 for a free case evaluation.