Minnesota Directional Drilling

Underground utilities are becoming more popular throughout the country, which means the practice is catching on even more in Minnesota. When utilities are buried, they are more reliable. The lines are not susceptible to the high winds and other elements that may interfere with their function.

At Subsurface Construction, we use Horizontal Directional Drilling, or HDD, to bury utility lines. This is a trenchless drilling method that is ideal for commercial and residential electrical projects. We bore a tunnel using surface-launched drilling equipment that minimizes the impact to the surface and surrounding areas. Our Minnesota directional drilling company is concerned with the environment, while also implementing drilling methods that help you meet your goals.

Strengthening Infrastructure

Directional drilling is used when excavating or trenching is not the ideal way to install underground electrical lines and other utilities. It is ideal for a number of soil conditions and allows for boring under obstacles, such as buildings. It is possible to install lines of great lengths using this method. If solid rock or sedimentary material is in the way, then HDD is ideal. We will evaluate what kind of ground material is present so that the proper type of drilling can be utilized. This also helps us determine the proper drilling head to complete the process.

This is a technique that is highly used in urban areas for developing subsurface utility lines, as it helps avoid having extensive open cut trenches or any trenches at all. In other words, eyesores are prevented and the lack of extensive trenches makes for a much safer and cleaner work environment.

Extensive Experience

The use of HDD requires that the operator has complete information about any existing utilities in the area so that the proper alignment can be planned to avoid damaging those existing utilities. Since uncontrolled drilling can lead to damage, different government authorities and agencies that own the urban right-of-way or the utilities have rules and regulations in place for the execution of such work. We will evaluate all of this in order to come up with the proper drilling location and drilling plan.

A great deal of knowledge is required to do this type of drilling, but our staff is highly trained to do it correctly and safely. Safety is a major focus when performing this type of work, so we ensure that the techniques we use are safe for our employees and anyone present in the surrounding area.

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At Subsurface Construction, we work with a number of industries and individuals in performing the drilling that they need done in order to complete the project. HDD has become a method important to the installation of underground utilities, including electrical lines. To learn more about how Subsurface Construction can help you complete your project, call us at 763-213-1450 for a free case evaluation.