HVAC / Geothermal

Geothermal, heating, and cooling systems have been around for quite some time. Early man would use the steaming hot water from inside the earth’s crust to keep warm when the evenings were cold. At the same time, cool spring water has been used to help man stay cool on scorching summer afternoons.

While all of this is quite technical and something that those that work with geothermal systems know, drilling is a very important aspect of being able to reach these sources of hot and cold. It helps the transfer of heat from one location to another and also producing the cooling that is needed when the summers are hot. In Minnesota, the residents are familiar with the cold winters and the need for heat. Subsurface Construction is a St. Paul horizontal drilling company that can drill horizontally and vertically to help those in the HVAC/geothermal industries complete their projects.

Multiple Geothermal Exchange Systems

There are different types of geothermal exchange systems, such as ground loop geothermal exchange. We work with those in the geothermal field to determine the specifications for the drill so that it is done correctly. Just like any drilling project, precision is very important and our experience and tools allow us to accomplish that precision. That way a great deal of time and money is saved on the job. In the case of loop geothermal exchange, horizontal and vertical loops are designed and installed and we can do the drilling to ensure that the system gets what it needs to work effectively.

Bore Drilling For Appropriate Space

The traditional geothermal heat pumps require there to be plenty of space, so there is a trench that is dug below the frost line that is around 10 feet deep. This is so a loop of piping can be installed in the trench. This piping system works in two directions so that a heat pump can capture the heat and work accordingly. Again, it is very important that the dig is as accurate and as clean as possible and our Minnesota horizontal drilling company can drill in multi-directions to ensure that that happens.

So when you want to get the job done quickly and done right, Subsurface Construction can work with you to help you complete your project. This can allow you to do more jobs in less time, which is going to help you increase your bottom line.

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Drilling is integral for HVAC/geothermal systems. It is important that the different types of heating and cooling systems are installed properly and horizontal drilling can be a major part of that. To learn about how Subsurface Construction can help you with your HVAC/geothermal projects, saving time and money. To learn more, call us at 763-213-1450 to schedule a free case evaluation.