Minnesota Horiztonal Directional Drilling (HDD)

If it needs to be drilled, Subsurface Construction can take care of it. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is the way that many industries are contributing to the environmental movement. The reason is because this type of drilling can be done without any significant disturbances to the surface. In fact, the overall disturbance is very little, making it the most environmentally friendly way to route pipelines, underground utilities, and more. This is why HDD is the preferred drilling method for pipeline construction.

If you are an electrician, plumber, or another professional or part of a company needing HDD in order to complete a project, our Minnesota horizontal drilling company can get the job done for you right and efficiently. We use only the best equipment and methods so that the drilling job is of the highest quality.

HDD Is Growing

HDD has experienced a great deal of growth in recent years and this is because the benefits are numerous. Wells and different types of holes can be drilled in different directions from a single well pad, which decreases surface disturbance and reduces the number of well pads that are needed in the oil and gas industry.

Studies have shown that directional drilling has been highly successful in a variety of geological formations. It works in deep reservoirs, shallow reservoirs, coal beds, tights sands, tar sands, and clay. When HDD is used in coal beds, it is possible that there is no need to fracture beds hydraulically, which reduces the potential for groundwater pollution.

A great benefit to the surface owner is that the sensitive ecosystem is protected. It also keeps drilling sites away from residential and other sensitive areas. There are even regulations throughout the country that require the use of directional drilling and it is expected that these regulations will cover more of the country in the future.

Serving Many Industries In Minnesota

We help a wide range of industries in Minnesota get their jobs done quickly and correctly. When drilling is needed, we are able to do so with specialized equipment that goes where the client needs their project to go. We serve utility companies, electricians, plumbers, geothermal/HVAC clients, and the oil and gas industry. If it needs to be drilled, even through the most difficult surfaces at the oddest angles, we can get it done.

Contact A Minnesota Horizontal Directional Drilling Company

At Subsurface Construction, we serve a number of industries that are in need of our horizontal directional drilling services. Electricians, plumbers, pool companies, and geothermal/HVAC companies are able to benefit from what we have to offer because they know that we are able to drill well and drill safely. To learn more about our drilling services, call us at 763-213-1450 for a free case evaluation.