Getting a new swimming pool is exciting for anyone. However, the excavation that must be completed for the pool is very specific. At Subsurface Construction, we possess the equipment and the experience to ensure that the job is done right and for any shape pool at any depth.

What we do is we use the proper size excavator to dig and we will move the dirt from the area so that it is not in the way of the digger. It is very important that the pool is marked out correctly so that all of the intricate details are accounted for.

If you are installing a new pool or your pool company is looking for a Minneapolis & St. Paul drilling company that can do very precise custom digs, Subsurface Construction can help you. We can take your specifications and do even the most complex digs so that the job is done right.

Horizontal Pipe Drilling

As a part of an in-ground pool, there are pipes that do certain things. For instance, there is a pipe that connects to the skimmer, there are pipes that connect to the main drains, and pipes that connect to the returns. These pipes have to be installed underground because they enter and exit from the sides of the pool that are already underground. Through horizontal drilling, we can ensure that the pipes are installed where they need to be and also minimize ground disturbance. This minimizes the ground disturbance to the pool itself rather than having to dig trenches coming out from the sides of the pool. This makes the job much cleaner than it would be otherwise.

We can drill the horizontal holes with precision and this is also a faster way to get that aspect of the job done as quickly as possible. This benefits pool installers and the pool owner in that the installers can do their jobs faster and the pool owner can enjoy a fast completion time.

Experience Working For You

At Subsurface construction, we utilize only the best equipment and have a great deal of experience with different types of digging. That way your project can be completed with as few contractors as possible. This could also mean money saved due to the reduction in the time it takes to complete the project.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Horizontal Drilling Company

When installing a swimming pool, it is important that the hole that is dug is dug right and that any pipes are installed as they should be. The process of digging the appropriate holes is very important to ensuring the integrity and longevity of the swimming pool. If you are a pool company looking for proper digging and drilling or an individual installing your own, Subsurface Construction can help. To learn more, contact us at 763-213-1450 for a free case evaluation.