Trenching Back Hoeing

Trenching and back hoeing utilize the same principals, but the end result is what varies. If you need a space opened up in the ground, trenching or back hoeing can get the job done. Which method is used depends on how wide the space needs to be. This also means that the type of equipment used is different for each task.

To start work on you project, simply give our Minneapolis & St. Paul underground drilling company a call and we will discuss your project with you. We will listen to what you need, evaluate the scope of the project, determine whether trenching or back hoeing is best, and can then give you information on cost, timing, and other relevant information so you can make decisions about the project and know what comes next so it can begin.

Professional Trenching

Trenching is an excavation method that creates an open slit in the ground. It is usually used for burying pipes and utility lines, as well as drainage. The width and depth of trenches can vary, depending on what the trench is being dug for. The trencher that is used can be a simple walk behind model to an attachment that fits on a tractor. It depends on the width and the depth of the trench that needs to be dug. A trencher, such as a digging chain, can look like a giant chainsaw that cuts into the dirt. This type of trencher makes it easier to cut through ground that is very hard.

Once the trench has been dug, the cable, pipe, or other utility line is placed in the trench and then the trench is filled with dirt using the “back-fill” method. This is a burial method that is efficient and cost-effective when the project requires multiple pipes or the area is open, such as along a road, in a new construction zone, or through a field.

Back Hoe Services

Back Hoeing is a type of excavation that uses the same principals as trenching. The difference is that a backhoe is usually mounted on the back of a font loader or tractor and a trench is dug for larger projects, such as those involving the large pipes used in sewer systems.

Because both back hoeing and trenching disturb the surface of the ground, extensive restoral is required. Filling and tamping may be needed two or more times in order to restore the surface to what it should be. Our experienced Minneapolis & St. Paul horizontal drilling contractors will be able to do this after the job is done. Once the grass grows back in the area, it is difficult to know that any sort of digging took place due to the ground being restored to its original contour.

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Trenching and back hoeing are two types of digging used to lay down pipe, utility lines, or cables. At Subsurface Construction, we will utilize one of these two methods to help complete the task that you need completed. To learn more about our professional trenching and back hoeing services, call us at 763-213-1450 for a free case evaluation.